Wednesday, December 29, 2010

10. Support the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

It has been an incredible experience to see a community come together for a cause like this one. There is no doubt in my mind that God used the coffee shop to reach so many people this holiday and I felt privileged to be a part of it. My heart has been heavy for Tiny Hands for a while and I feel like I want to fight their cause for a long, long time after 2010. It has become more of a necessity than a resolution. 

I'm marking this one with a big check (and a smile). We were able to raise over $1,000 for Tiny Hands through Coffee for a Cause. It could not have been done without the help of Tiny Hands, Jewel, and Barista's and I am so grateful for them. There is no greater joy here on earth than to see a softened human heart giving selflessly. Experiencing things like this leads me to believe that, one day, we will end this horror.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Happenings

Last weekend was filled with everything Christmas. Christmas party, Christmas concert, singing Christmas tree, Christmas baking... you get the point. We started the weekend out with a lovely party hosted by the Rhodes. I really enjoyed connecting with friends. To treat myself for the party, I purchased a new top (compliments of Stella Clothing) and put my baking skills to work.
Truman and I spent all day baking on Sunday. I was excited to spend some time (and possibly start a tradition?) with him. We made all your traditional Christmas goodies for friends. Take a look!
Sugar Cookie & Glaze recipe from Martha Stewart
 Can't go wrong with puppy chow
Homemade hot cocoa from Martha Stewart
The Lower Lights cd... buy it!
 The best part about Christmas goodies as gifts...getting to deliver them to friends. Truman suggested wearing santa hats, but that will not be happening.
Merry Christmas! J.
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Perfect timing.

This is SO my dog.

8. Go Green

I have been sitting here for the last 10 minutes trying to remember what I have done to be "green". This is a bad sign...

Okay, so I haven't really joined the "green" trend. Do I think it's important to treat God's creation with respect? Absolutely. Do I think some people are going wayyy overboard doing so? You betcha. 

So what have I done to do my part this year? 
(1) I recycled my plastic bags when I could
(2) I (occasionally) rode my bike when the weather was nice
(3) I bought myself a hip and trendy water bottle so I wouldn't buy plastic ones anymore
(4) I refused receipts as much as possible when making purchases
(5) I drank out of mugs at coffee shops rather than get a cup

These aren't drastic and I definitely didn't go out of my way to do them. I feel that if I were truly "green" I would be doing things out of my comfort zone. However, I think it's a start. When Truman and I get married I would really like to make changes to things that we are too reliant on. For now, I'll keep getting ideas from here. Thanks, Rachel McAdams!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coffee for a Cause

Taking another quick break from resolutions to talk about a fundraiser, Coffee for a Cause.
Before college, I was completely clueless about the horrors of the sex trafficking industry. I used to think slavery was an issue of the past. That was until Tiny Hands International came to Lincoln Berean. They gave a presentation on what they focused on and it made me squirm in my seat. To think of 10 year old girls having sex with men as old as their fathers made my stomach hurt (and rightly so). I walked out of church that night feeling guilty for being so fortunate and unaware of this issue.
Most of the time when I see a sad commercial about homeless kids or hear of hunger in third world countries I feel sad for a few minutes and then continue plugging away at my busy day. We know it as "out of sight, out of mind," but for some reason, I couldn't shrug this one off.

When I moved back to Grand Island I decided that I wanted to bring awareness with me. Since I had connections through Barista's, I asked Jewel (my future mother-in-law) if she would be interested in hosting a fundraiser for Tiny Hands. She was very supportive and I have her to thank for making this happen. I was really worried that the rest of the employees would reject the idea, but they have been so incredibly helpful as well. I'm really blessed to be working with such wonderful girls...and boy (Truman) :). So, together, this is what we have created...

Coffee for a Cause
December 17-19
Barista's is donating %10 of whatever we make this weekend to Tiny Hands International. The employees have agreed to donate their tips for the weekend, as well. We will also be selling One Girl bracelets for $10 made by the girls in Nepal. These bracelets are to serve as a reminder to pray for the safety of the girls in Nepal/India. 

To overcome to horrors of this industry, it will take a lot of funding. But above all, we want to educate everyone we know and encourage them to get involved. I am a strong believer in the power of prayer and these girls need an army of prayers to survive. 
10,000 girls a year are involved in the sex trafficking industry (this is only in Nepal/India). Some girls face as many as 40 men a day. They are beaten, tortured, raped, and scarred. They are treated like animals. Please join with me to fight and let them know that they are love and valued in the eyes of Christ.

If you can't attend Coffee for a Cause, find out how to get involved here.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

6. Journal Each Day/ 7. Quote of the Night

I definitely didn't journal each day, but for most of the year I was writing whether it was in a bible study, through prayer, or just writing down thoughts/worries. I have found that writing things down (especially when praying) is much more affective for me.
For now, I have this prayer journal that I try to write in every night. Usually when I try to pray before bed I only make it to "Dear God" then I'm gone. So I will definitely continue to journal.

My quotes of the night are officially done. Partially because I misplaced my quote book. Occasionally I find a quote and jot it down. In that case, I will share with the blogging world. That's about as far as I'm going to get from now on.

Speaking of... I was emailing a Tiny Hands director a while back and he has this quote at the bottom of every email (I might have shared this before):

There are two ways to get enough: one is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.
(G. K. Chesterton)

I was so inspired by this...and very convicted. This is truly the answer to avoiding worldly desires for me. It's also appropriate for Christmas, eh?

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Lower Lights // A Hymn Revival

I'm taking a small break from reflections to tell you that you NEED this album.It is most appropriate since we are celebrating the birth of Christ. I have a hard time finding worship music that I can stand, that doesn't include ridiculous electric guitar solos, and doesn't have cheesy lyrics. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure their hearts are in the right place, but I need substance.

It all goes back to the classic hymns. I'm still blown away by the beauty of the lyrics. The Lower Lights do a brilliant job of recording hymns (gotta love that banjo...). They consist of a bunch of artists from Utah and make wonderful music together. It's simply tragic if you don't own or plan on owning this album.
Get yourself a Christmas present!


5. Prepare for Being a Wife

Before writing this reflection, I went back and read what I posted in January. That seems like so long ago! After about a month of "dating" Truman over the phone, I knew that I was going to spend my life with him. I knew that he was going to become my best friend, but I didn't know what that meant yet. I have chosen to spend the majority of my time with him thus far, but that doesn't make him my best friend. What makes him my best friend is the night (multiples of them) when he will listen to me cry about my broken family or when I beg him for answers and he replies "I've been praying for you". He has seen the worst of me, but what amazes me is that he has chosen me back.
I am going to love that man until my last day.

I cannot wait to become a Faeh and start a life of love and grace (and lots of laughter).
I am marking this resolution with a GIANT check. I have read multiple books, sought out counseling, and spent lots of time in the word in regards to what a godly wife and woman looks like. I have a long ways to go and it will always be a challenge for a sinner like myself. I have learned that without constant grace a relationship will fail.
I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us! Bring it on, 2011.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Year Bible/ Daily Exercise

3. One Year Bible
My one year bible lasted until March. Let me explain!
I got really behind when I went to Florida and never caught up. I'm such a perfectionist that I couldn't stand reading days that weren't actually the day I was on. So, January 1 I'm starting again.
I. Will. Succeed.
(It's not about success, I'm totally aware. Though I failed at the one year bible, I feel I spent a lot of time in the word through other bible studies. And that's what I was shooting for).

4. Exercise Daily
This is going to be a life goal of mine. I have good months, I have bad months...I have really bad months. Since I'm tying the knot in less than 5 months, I have a little more motivation.
Jillian has become a good friend of mine.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reflecting on 2010

I cannot believe we only have one month left of 2010. I feel like I still need time to address some of my resolutions! However, it is time I start taking a look at how well I lived out my resolutions this year...

1. Blog the year about resolutions. Check.

This was an easy one. I loved having something to write about rather than just ramble on and I definitely plan on doing this for 2011...maybe with a shorter list :)

2. Paint Again.
Sighhhhh. I failed on this one. I have painted once this entire year (if you don't count the "abstract" art Trums and I made one night when we were bored). It felt so good to paint again, but I just didn't have the motivation to keep it going. There is an art school in Lincoln so if Truman and I end up there I might look into it.

--My apologies for lack of blogs lately. I have been on my death bed with who knows what. Mom and Truman think it's an ulcer. NOOOOO!!! Pray for me. J.


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