Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Right Now

I have been feeling a little lifeless lately. I blame Winter. 
About this time each year I come to the realization that Winter is here and it's not leaving any time soon. I always get over it after a few days of sulking. 

Along with my dramatic fits with the cold weather, I have been struggling with a discontent heart. Go figure! Ever since the day I said "I do" my passions have changed a great deal. Truman jokes that when he first met me back in 2008 he would have never guessed I would be wanting to drop my journey to a "career" to be a stay at home wife and mother. But as I have matured in my faith I can clearly see what I was created to do. I was created to nurture a husband and family. I truly believe that and I think it is the most wonderful thing.

However, this season of our lives doesn't bring that opportunity quite yet. At times I feel like a walking cliche'--newlywed struck with baby fever. Of course it's natural to want to move on to the next step in life, but while I'm focusing on that step I'm forgetting to enjoy this time that I have alone with my husband. It is precious time that I know I won't get back once we start a family.

So as I think about goals for this next year, I'm going to focus on enjoying what I have right now. I have to constantly remind myself that God's timing is perfect. That he put these desires in my heart for a reason, but I should be spending my time enjoying my husband and the freedom we have for the time being. 

I re-started my favorite study called "Calm My Anxious Heart" by Linda Dillow. She has some great advice...

"Ultimately, contentment is more a shift in attitude than a change in circumstances."

"Contentment is essentially a matter of accepting from God's hand what He sends because we know that he is good and therefore it is good."

I knew that the only way to get myself out of this rut was to give thanks. Man, it wasn't easy. And my list started small. But I'll never stop thanking the One who gives.

259. Rest
260. Spontaneous dates
261. Time to notice his gifts
263. Time to devote to him

Cheers, Jord.
Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tidbit of Christmas

Decorating for Christmas this year was fun because we (well, I) had to get creative and use things we had around the house or things that were free from the park. We found the perfect first Christmas tree and listened to Elvis as we decorated!

 (Used doilies as "snow")

 (Coco was not so sure about the tree until she realized she could drink from it)

 (DIY Doily Snowflakes...super easy! Find the tutorial here.)

 (It's not Christmas without a Fresh Balsam candle from Bath & Body Works)

Merry Christmas!
Friday, December 9, 2011


I'm a tiny little gal. There's no way out of it. My dad's tiny (ish) and my mom is tiny.
This makes winter especially dreadful (as if I already didn't hate it enough). I am constantly freezing. I think I even whipped the space heater out once or twice in August. 

Truman, being the wonderful husband that he is, decided to buy me a heating pad that I could sleep with during the winter. I abused my privileges. I literally have that thing on me at all times and two days ago we paid the price--I blew a fuse. Not only is half of our home without electricity, the electricity refuses to come back on as well. 

It was late and Truman was tired of bothering our landlord so we decided to have fun with the situation which brings me to #247 on my eucharisteo list....

247. Living room sleepovers

We snuggled our mattress right next to our Christmas tree, I plugged my heating pad into an outlet that still works (of course), and we watched movies until we fell asleep. It was a great night.

(Notice how I caught Beans mid-jump)

Monday, December 5, 2011

{Emmanuel, God With Us}

We watched this video in church yesterday and I really feel that it's something everyone should see especially as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The build up of this...poem, I think...made me squirm in my seat--wanting to jump up and praise Jesus for suffering for me. I have never heard something more clearly and beautifully and truthfully put. 


The people had read of this rescue that was coming through the bloodline of Abraham
They had seen where Micah proclaimed about a ruler to be born in Bethlehem
Daniel prophesy about the restoration of Jerusalem
Isaiah’s cry about the Son of God coming to them
So for them—it was anticipation
This groaning was growing, generation after generation
Knowing He was holy, no matter what the situation
But they longed for Him
They yearned for Him
They waited for Him on the edge of their seat
On the edge of where excitement and containment meet
They waited
Like a child watches out the window for their father to return from work—they waited
Like a groom stares at the double doors at the back of the church—they waited
And in their waiting, they had hope
Hope that was fully pledged to a God they had not seen
To a God who had promised a King
A King who would reign over the enemy
Over Satan’s tyranny
They waited
So it was
Centuries of expectations, with various combinations of differing schools of thought
Some people expecting a political king who would rise to the throne through the wars that he fought
While others expecting a priest who would restore peace through the penetration of the Pharisee’s fa├žade
Yet a baby—100% human, 100% God
So the Word became flesh and was here to dwell among us
In His fullness, grace upon grace, Jesus
Through Him and for Him, all things were created
And in Him all things are sustained
God had made Himself known for the glory of His name
And this child would one day rise as King
But it would not be by the sword or an insurgent regime
It would be by His life
A life that would revolutionize everything the world knew
He would endure temptation and persecution, all while staying true
Humbly healing the broken, the sick and hurting too
Ministering reconciliation, turning the old to new
A life that would be the very definition of what life really costs
Saying—if you desire life, then your current one must be lost
And He would portray that with His own life as His Father would pour out and exhaust
And Jesus would be obedient to the point of death, even death upon the cross
So just 33 years after the day that He laid swaddled in the hay
He hung on a tree suffocating, dying in our place
Absorbing wrath that is rightly ours, but we could never bear the weight
So He took that punishment and he put it in the grave
And He died
And when I say that He died, what I mean is that He died
No breath, noheartbeat, no sign of life
God is a God of justice, and the penalty for our sin equals death
That’s what Christ did on that cross
Then… On the third day, in accordance with scriptures, He was raised from the grave
And when I say that He was raised, what I mean is that He was raised
Lungs breathing, heart pumping, blood pulsing through His veins
The things that He promised were true
He is the risen Son of God, offering life to me and you
Turning our mourning into dancing
Our weeping into laughing
Our sadness into joy
By His mercy, we are called His own
By His grace, we will never be left alone
By His love, He is preparing our home
By His blood, we can sing before His throne
Jesus paid it all
All to Him I owe
Sin had left a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow
So now we, as His bride, are the ones waiting
Like the saints that came before, we’re anticipating
He has shown us that this world is fading
And He has caused our desire to be for Him
So church, stay ready
Keep your heart focused and your eyes steady
Worship Him freely, never forgetting
His great love for you
Immanuel, God with us
Thursday, December 1, 2011


This year I am following my first Advent study (two of them, actually). 
My church is following one together and I am also following one through Coram Deo (the church we attended in Omaha). Both of them are wonderful and are preparing my heart for celebrating the gift of Jesus Christ.

Isn't it amazing how we so easily forget it? I'm guilty of this all the time. Jesus was born to die just so I can be seen as righteous in God's eyes...I become speechless every time I think it.

So, instead of spending all of my time worrying about gifts and decorations (while those can be very fun in moderation), I'm celebrating and worshiping because I have been saved.

Along with these two great studies, I have been listening to the BEST worship music. I've listened to decent worship music before, but this stuff makes me cry out with joy. For some reason it is much more colorful than anything before....and, of course, I want to share :)

1. Page CVXI - Hymns IV **this is the best album ever, these guys are brilliant**

2. Seryn - This Is Where We Are

3. The Lower Lights - A Hymn Revival

4. Ellie Holcomb - Magnolia EP

5. Page CVXI - Hymns I

6. Jon Foreman - Fall EP (they are all good, actually)

You won't regret these purchases, I promise!
Also, if you're interested in following an Advent this year, you can download the Coram Deo one on their website: here. (The link is at the bottom right corner)



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