Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coffee for a Cause

Taking another quick break from resolutions to talk about a fundraiser, Coffee for a Cause.
Before college, I was completely clueless about the horrors of the sex trafficking industry. I used to think slavery was an issue of the past. That was until Tiny Hands International came to Lincoln Berean. They gave a presentation on what they focused on and it made me squirm in my seat. To think of 10 year old girls having sex with men as old as their fathers made my stomach hurt (and rightly so). I walked out of church that night feeling guilty for being so fortunate and unaware of this issue.
Most of the time when I see a sad commercial about homeless kids or hear of hunger in third world countries I feel sad for a few minutes and then continue plugging away at my busy day. We know it as "out of sight, out of mind," but for some reason, I couldn't shrug this one off.

When I moved back to Grand Island I decided that I wanted to bring awareness with me. Since I had connections through Barista's, I asked Jewel (my future mother-in-law) if she would be interested in hosting a fundraiser for Tiny Hands. She was very supportive and I have her to thank for making this happen. I was really worried that the rest of the employees would reject the idea, but they have been so incredibly helpful as well. I'm really blessed to be working with such wonderful girls...and boy (Truman) :). So, together, this is what we have created...

Coffee for a Cause
December 17-19
Barista's is donating %10 of whatever we make this weekend to Tiny Hands International. The employees have agreed to donate their tips for the weekend, as well. We will also be selling One Girl bracelets for $10 made by the girls in Nepal. These bracelets are to serve as a reminder to pray for the safety of the girls in Nepal/India. 

To overcome to horrors of this industry, it will take a lot of funding. But above all, we want to educate everyone we know and encourage them to get involved. I am a strong believer in the power of prayer and these girls need an army of prayers to survive. 
10,000 girls a year are involved in the sex trafficking industry (this is only in Nepal/India). Some girls face as many as 40 men a day. They are beaten, tortured, raped, and scarred. They are treated like animals. Please join with me to fight and let them know that they are love and valued in the eyes of Christ.

If you can't attend Coffee for a Cause, find out how to get involved here.



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