Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I recently discussed my ambitions for collecting essential oils. I'm trying to use natural products as much as possible (without breaking the bank) and essential oils are a great place to start. My very first purchase was in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Out of the many scents, I decided to start with Jasmine. 
Let me tell you why...

When we were in Colorado, I really wanted to visit this store that provided all natural body products called Little Moon Essentials. The store was a little wacky (they are into magic and whatnot) but the products were amazing! Everything was reasonably priced and smelt so good. I wanted to take one of everything, but settled on a few key items. My grandma is really into "healthy stuff" (for lack of a better term) and purchased a book written by the owner called "The Garden of Earth".
There is SO much information on essential oils and thousands of recipes for home remedies. The author is totally off her rocker. (She actually has an interview and picture with who someone who claims to be "mother nature". Ridiculous.) But her knowledge on health for the body is fascinating. 

Back to Jasmine... I read in the book that many people assume lavender is best for sleeping. I am one of the world's worst sleepers and I have been using lavender for years. It's calming, no doubt, but the author suggests that Jasmine will do the trick. I put it on my temples before I go to sleep and the scent does wonders. (I have to give some credit to the fact that I have been incredibly tired lately).

Two things that are making me pleasantly content this evening. 1) The sweet aroma of Jasmine and 2) this little gal waiting for me outside the door every time I take a bath. It's time for beans and I to get some shut eye.
Night everyone, J.
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Essential Oils

One of my biggest "health" goals for 2011 is to add to my (small) collection of essential oils.
When I went to Siloam Springs this summer, I was inspired by the local's natural way of living and did a little reading on essential oils. I have noticed a lot of articles in my favorite mag (Whole Living) about essential oils being great home remedies. I can't wait until I have a huge collection and can create all sorts of scents.

For now, I am going to focus on a great combination for your bedroom (courtesy of Whole Living Magazine). Formula: 30 drops of lavender, 15 of roman chamomile, and 5 of ylang-ylang. Add ten drops of the blend to a one-ounce bottle of water and shake. Spray all over curtains, bedspread, and pillow. And enjoy :)
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cupcake Delivery

It was a busy, but fun day.
I had been baking cupcakes non-stop for two days and my kitchen was getting smaller and smaller! This was a great experience for me. It was my very first huge (and I mean HUGE) delivery... I made about 600 cupcakes. Though I was frantically running around, (and staying up until 4:30 in the morning) I was still able to have peace knowing that my deliveries would bring joy to others. 
Does that sound silly?

I know I'm not solving world hunger and I'm only stirring happiness for a few moments, but there is something so special about feeling loved and appreciated. That's what my cupcakes do. And even though I did this specifically for Valentine's Day, there is NEVER a bad time to let someone know they are loved. (Personally, I prefer to feel loved out of the blue rather than on a national holiday.) 

Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to stop and document as much as I wanted to. I tried to get a few pictures in to give everyone an idea of what these orders looked like.
 I use chocolate covered espresso beans to top off the cappuccino cupcakes. Delicious!
 Coco didn't get any attention this weekend... she's pouting.
 Cappuccino, White-Chocolate Raspberry, and Strawberry cupcakes
Needless to say, I had to drive VERY carefully.

It was a very successful day and I appreciate the trust that each person had in me.
And remember, there's never a bad time to say "I love you" :)
Saturday, February 12, 2011


I am now a proud owner of a Canon Rebel T1i (thanks, Rutheah for all your help!).
Forgive the blurry picture, it was taken with my old camera. I have so much to learn about this lovely thing and I can't wait. I've been using the camera to document my Valentine's Day Cupcake orders. I'll post pictures soon!
Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Had another successful delivery today! They ordered this morning and I had the cupcakes delivered by the afternoon-- I work very quickly :) Have a look at the final product!

 I had to wear the apron to feel official.
 My delivery boxes!
I need to order business cards. Until then, this will have to do!
Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm starting with this album because it probably means the most to me out of all of my records. I had been wanting a record by America since I received my record player, but couldn't find one in any of the record stores. America is classic. No matter what the season, they remind me of summer.

It may sound cheesy, but this album practically found me. I went to Steamboat Springs with my family last summer. The town was beautiful and filled with cute little shops along the road. We walked by a store that looked like a gift shop. My mom and sister wanted to go in but I wasn't amused. I went in anyway to browse around. The lady at the counter told me they had a record section in the way back of the store. My search for an America album immediately popped into my head so I decided to give it a shot. There was a lot of junk and I was starting to think I wasn't going to have any luck until I flipped the next record and found a ragged old America album jumping from the bin and into my arms.
I walked...ran...up to the counter, gave the lady a couple bucks, and left.

I have spent many days with America and anticipate many more to come.
Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I made chicken noodle soup last night. I'm being completely serious--I almost considered making the soup without the chicken because I didn't want to deal with it. But then I realized that it's one of my resolutions... so there I am! Cutting the slimy boneless chicken breast. 

I had to take a picture to prove that I actually did it. The soup turned out great. It's going to take a while to get used to this meat thing...
Looking for good recipes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

6. Whole Living Action Plan

I am a huge fan of Whole Living magazine. They always have great tips for living a healthy life and since I'm completely clueless when it comes to health in general, I could use all the extra advice. In their January issue, they featured a 28 Day Whole Living Challenge. It starts with a detox in hopes of helping you create healthy habits (and recover from all the holiday junk food). I want to state that I am not in any way, shape, or form trying to lose weight. (I'm trying to gain weight, actually). I'm just tired of feeling guilty for my unhealthy habits. So, tomorrow I begin the challenge (I'm a little late as you can see, but better late than never!)

If you want to join with me, go here.

Tomorrow starts with a 2-day preparation for my detox. Whole Living suggests the following:
-Start the morning with hot water and fresh lemon juice
-Try to drink 8 glasses of water each day
-Toss unhealthy foods (a.k.a anything processed)
(I'm NOT excited about this one, but it needs to be done. Sigh...)

This plan is going to be especially hard for me because I am the pickiest person that has ever lived...not kidding. If anyone has tips for picky eaters I'm all ears. My goal after these 28 days is to reduce my stress level (which feels super high), cut out caffeine, increase my knowledge on a healthy lifestyle, and create healthy eating habits. It's going to be hard, man. I like sugar...

I'm off to drink some water, 

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