Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reflecting on 2010

I cannot believe we only have one month left of 2010. I feel like I still need time to address some of my resolutions! However, it is time I start taking a look at how well I lived out my resolutions this year...

1. Blog the year about resolutions. Check.

This was an easy one. I loved having something to write about rather than just ramble on and I definitely plan on doing this for 2011...maybe with a shorter list :)

2. Paint Again.
Sighhhhh. I failed on this one. I have painted once this entire year (if you don't count the "abstract" art Trums and I made one night when we were bored). It felt so good to paint again, but I just didn't have the motivation to keep it going. There is an art school in Lincoln so if Truman and I end up there I might look into it.

--My apologies for lack of blogs lately. I have been on my death bed with who knows what. Mom and Truman think it's an ulcer. NOOOOO!!! Pray for me. J.


twoandahalfswans said...

Oh no an ulcer...that's not good!! Praying for you! I know wedding and all that comes after financially and all that can be stressful, but enjoy it it will all work itself out. You only get married's a fun time and God's gonna take care of you guys!

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