Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Happenings

Last weekend was filled with everything Christmas. Christmas party, Christmas concert, singing Christmas tree, Christmas baking... you get the point. We started the weekend out with a lovely party hosted by the Rhodes. I really enjoyed connecting with friends. To treat myself for the party, I purchased a new top (compliments of Stella Clothing) and put my baking skills to work.
Truman and I spent all day baking on Sunday. I was excited to spend some time (and possibly start a tradition?) with him. We made all your traditional Christmas goodies for friends. Take a look!
Sugar Cookie & Glaze recipe from Martha Stewart
 Can't go wrong with puppy chow
Homemade hot cocoa from Martha Stewart
The Lower Lights cd... buy it!
 The best part about Christmas goodies as gifts...getting to deliver them to friends. Truman suggested wearing santa hats, but that will not be happening.
Merry Christmas! J.


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