Friday, December 10, 2010

5. Prepare for Being a Wife

Before writing this reflection, I went back and read what I posted in January. That seems like so long ago! After about a month of "dating" Truman over the phone, I knew that I was going to spend my life with him. I knew that he was going to become my best friend, but I didn't know what that meant yet. I have chosen to spend the majority of my time with him thus far, but that doesn't make him my best friend. What makes him my best friend is the night (multiples of them) when he will listen to me cry about my broken family or when I beg him for answers and he replies "I've been praying for you". He has seen the worst of me, but what amazes me is that he has chosen me back.
I am going to love that man until my last day.

I cannot wait to become a Faeh and start a life of love and grace (and lots of laughter).
I am marking this resolution with a GIANT check. I have read multiple books, sought out counseling, and spent lots of time in the word in regards to what a godly wife and woman looks like. I have a long ways to go and it will always be a challenge for a sinner like myself. I have learned that without constant grace a relationship will fail.
I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us! Bring it on, 2011.



kels said...

so there are lots of times when i feel like love is total bullshit, and think why bother searching for "the one". and then i read amazing things like this and remember that God has an amazing plan, and that love goes wrong when we don't accept His plan and listen to Him. Thanks for being such a great example of what a relationship in Christ looks like. :)

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