Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cinnamon Girl Update

Hello friends!
Amidst all of the crazy wedding planning I have somehow found the time to bake some goodies. I've had two orders in the past week which is great (hellooo Honeymoon money). It hit me today that I'm moving to Omaha in about three weeks. I'm more than excited to start living with Trums, but I'm a little worried the cupcake business will die down in such a big town especially with lots of professional competition. This just means I'll have to work harder at getting my name out! If anyone has suggestions I'm all ears...

Tonight I made red velvet & vanilla chai with almond buttercream cupcakes. I was feeling creative so I put extra time into the piping--I'm liking the look! 

As far as bigger Cinnamon Girl Cupcake plans go, I have booked two weddings for the 2011 year and I'd love to book a few more. If you know anyone looking for treats at a wedding, shower, etc. send them my way!! 

 (Beans tried to sneak a taste!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been the craziest month. Wedding plans hit me hard and I have continued to take cupcake orders on top of that. I am officially one month away from marrying the man of my dreams. For tonight, I'm trying to visualize the wedding day and not the million things I have to do before then! I'll worry about it tomorrow... Since I've been so boring with my blog lately, I decided to do a little update.

Since Valentine's Day, Truman has moved into our first apartment,
I made my wedding invitations.
 My lovely sister and friend threw me a bridal shower.

 I found my absolute favorite perfume (thanks to my mother).
I'm having so much fun in this season of my life I just need to do a better job of documenting it!

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