Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine's Day Special

Cupcakes have been weighing heavy on my mind lately. I have been coming up with all of these ideas/strategies to get my cupcake business rolling. Thanks to my good friend, I already have my first customer!

Anyway, it hit me that Valentine's Day is coming up soon (HUGE holiday for sweets) and I think this would be a great opportunity to get my name out there. I started to contemplate how I would go about it so people would give me a chance. Here's what I came up with...

Everyone loves to get a Valentine's Day surprise from loved ones, right? I especially love it when it's something tasty. So, I am going to deliver cupcakes in Grand Island for FREE on Valentine's Day. This year, the holiday is on a Monday so I'm thinking everyone will need a little pick-me-up to get the week going...cupcakes are the perfect thing! Since I'm a beginner, I'm not charging much for orders in hopes that people give me a chance and spread the word about my business. 
The prices are as follows:
(these are for standard-size cupcakes)

6 cupcakes: $9.00

12 cupcakes (a dozen): $14.00

24 cupcakes: $24.00 

Here are a few ideas to think about:
1. If you need to bring sweets to your child's classroom
2. If you're a teacher and want to bring sweets to your students
3. You can send them to your loved one at work
4. You can send them to your loved one at home
5. Be the office hero and bring some to share with co-workers!

Flavor options:
1. Vanilla Chai with Almond Frosting
2. Peanut-Butter Chocolate
3. White Chocolate/Raspberry
4. Strawberry with Strawberry Frosting
5. Cappuccino 
6. Toasted Coconut
7. Almond Joy
8. Red Velvet
9. Caramel

**I can also do the classic Vanilla & Chocolate for those picky eaters out there :)

As of now I am taking orders! Email me at: with orders or questions.


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