Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1. Start A Wedding Blog

I have to admit- I'm a little terrified of this resolution. It's a BIG goal. There are so many great wedding blogs already out there and I run the chance of becoming another wannabe. 

When I was a little girl, my mom would occasionally buy me these super-thick wedding magazines at the grocery store. Page after page was filled with wedding dresses and I drooled over the different designs (not kidding-I was probably about 7). I would take inspiration from those dresses and draw my own in my sketch book. I didn't fantasize about being a bride, I didn't idolize the beauty of the models, I just simply loved the creativity that went into weddings.

I think that says a lot about where I am today. I could spend hours finding new ideas and inspiration (I do spend hours) and I love watching people stray from trends. I want to encourage others to create a wedding that represents themselves--no more cookie-cutter stuff. I haven't lost sight of the real joy in a wedding, but I have grown a huge appreciation for the detail that goes in to them. Planning my own wedding has nurtured that appreciation. Frankly, I'm having a blast! So I got to thinking... there are so many wonderful wedding blogs out there, why isn't there one in Nebraska? We have a few, but they lack the style and creativity I'm talking about. Nebraska is still stuck in the roses, tiara, poofed hair phase and I'm ready to change that (or at least attempt to).

This may take me a while to get started since I'm focusing on my wedding, but when May hits I'll be in full wedding blog mode. For now I need to find myself a name. I'm taking suggestions :)
I hope to have full support of my fellow bloggers and readers. 
Wish me luck!


A Gabster said...

this is going to be so exciting! i sense a possible career starter...? add in your cupcake business and, boom! :)

A Gabster said...

okay would, "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" be too cliche? ;)
cuz it's you to a 't'!

Notes From A Ragamuffin said...

No! Actually that could be cute. Maybe I could shorten in to "Coffee Shop Love"?

A Gabster said...

catchy :)

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