Saturday, January 29, 2011

5. Record Collection

No matter how fancy the ipod, or expensive the speakers, the sound of needle touching vinyl cannot be beat. Some of my best childhood memories go back to when my dad would throw on a James Taylor record and we would clean the house from top to bottom. (Sometimes, he would even let me press the button that made the record spin faster so James would sound like a chipmunk.) 

When I got a record player last year for my 20th birthday I almost wanted to cry. Not because I was now going to be officially hip and trendy, but because my dad was passing on a tradition to me that I plan on sharing with my children. Since then I have been slowly adding records to my collection (they can be so expensive!) and stealing records for my dad's collection (thanks, dad). 

This year I want to document it. Christmas ended the year with two very special records for Truman and I. Technically, they were both Christmas presents to Trums, but since the record player is in my room at the moment, I consider them gifts to me as well. We received the greatest hits record by the legendary Neil Young (angels practically sang when he opened that baby) and the newest album from the Avett Brothers. Somehow it's a lot easier to clean my room when I have a little help from these men...



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