Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goodbye, finally.

I really need to speed things up so I'm going to do a quick final re-cap on 2010 and say goodbye for good...
I had a lot of fun trying to tackle all of the resolutions this year (I'll admit, I had too many). Though I didn't live them all out equally, I feel that they helped shape me into who I am in 2011. That is the goal after all, isn't it? I developed a love for pastries, experience a deeper love for my sister, experienced nature in new ways, read some life-changing books, maintained a great friendship through letters, and studied a life of contentment (will never stop learning about that one). It was a good year.
 I wanted to share my favorite books/bible studies of 2010:

2011 brings huge changes for me. I'm leaving the nest for good and becoming a wife. Me. A wife!! I giggle every time I say it. I'm so excited and ready for the challenges it will bring.
I welcome you, 2011, with open arms. But if you could hurry it up to April I would gladly appreciate it.


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