Monday, January 17, 2011

3. Meat

I have a love-hate relationship with meatI couldn't live without it (because I'm so dang picky) but I HATE having to make it myself. I was raised in a home where we had meat about every night- pork chops, burgers, chicken, and t-bone steaks. You would think I would have no problem tossing a slab of meat on the grill--WRONG.

It's cold, slimy, and messy and every time I attempt a meat-based meal the kitchen is a disaster. Then, once I actually get the meat in the pan I'm worried it won't be done and I end up over-cooking it. Ah!
But. I'm getting married in three, THREE (!) months and Truman loves his meat. I will be doing most of the cooking in our home so it's time I toughen up and start practicing. I REALLY don't want to, but I'm going to. I'm gladly accepting tips & recipes along the way. I'll post pictures of my progress if you promise not to laugh.

In order to motivate myself, I purchased a cute little apron at Anthropologie with matching hot pads. I figured if I'm going to do this I might as well do it in style!
Here I go...


Anonymous said...

A meat thermometer will be your best friend!

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