Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weeks 9 & 10

I have been very blessed so far in the first trimester. Most of my symptoms have been fairly minor when I compare stories to other women. Little to no nausea and barely any morning sickness (praise God!!!). The first few weeks were the most difficult. I just felt yucky and different. Thankfully at week 7 I started to feel so good that I called my nurse to make sure that I was okay!

I felt so good, in fact, that I decided to go to Costa Rica with the family (which is something I wasn't planning on doing when I found out I was pregnant). Though I was incredibly tired the whole time, I'm really glad I went. We even snuck in our first baby bump (or lack thereof) picture. 
Can't wait to tell Baby Faeh that its first tropical experience was in my tummy!

(Week 9)

I was so ready to get back and hear my little babe's heartbeat at 10 weeks. There truly is nothing more beautiful than the sound of life. We waited at the doctor's office for over an hour and it was complete torture. The whole time I was trying to remind myself that if something was to go wrong it was a part of God's plan. I needed to prepare myself for the possibility of no heartbeat. Truman could tell I was nervous (he says I talk about stupid things when I'm nervous) so he was making fun of me the whole time. 

The nurse came in with her little device to detect a heartbeat. Those few minutes laying there waiting for a heartbeat felt like hours...and there it was. A faint little heartbeat. I looked at Trums with tears in my eyes and took a huge breath. Reassurance. Thank you, Jesus. We went into the ultrasound room to meet our OB. With barely even a hello she rubbed the cold jelly onto my tummy and said "let's see this baby." I appreciated that :) Within seconds we could see this tiny little profile of a face. It started to move it's head and tiny arms back and forth and we just sat there in silence. Totally speechless. Watching our baby stretch its growing arms. I was crying (of course) and I remember being hit by the reality of God's design. It is beyond words.

(Week 10)

(My belly isn't actually that big yet, I was just SUPER bloated, woops!)

We are trying to ease Beans into the idea of another baby around the house. I think she's still processing :) She took one sniff at the ultrasound and ran in the other direction.

Feeling real blessed.
Cheers, Jord.


rutheah rodehorst said...

so beautiful. pregnancy suits you. :)

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