Thursday, April 12, 2012

{13 Weeks}

Not much of a baby bump yet (unless it's due to bloating) but I'm hoping within the next few weeks I'll have a round tummy to show! At week 13 I'm still a little sleepy, but my energy levels are up compared to the rest of the first trimester. 

I have had a large appetite and I'm very thankful for it. I become a mad woman when I'm craving something and I won't rest until I have it. Cravings lately have included...
-Celery & Cucumbers with Ranch
-Popcorn and M&M's
-Green apples with caramel
-Cereal and milk
-Buffalo wings (or anything spicy)
-Noodles & Company 
-Baked potato from Wendy's (conveniently located right behind our house!)

We had a bit of a scare over Easter weekend due to some abnormal cramping. The nurses were a little concerned and wanted to see me to make sure everything was okay. It was a really difficult time for me--not knowing if these cramps were an indication of miscarriage. It was the first time during this pregnancy that I realized this baby will never belong to me. I felt some sort of entitlement like there was no way I could lose my baby, but I have to learn to give up control. The possibility of loss is never gone...not even after birth and if I don't learn how to come to terms with that now it will drive me crazy.

I am so, so thankful for this gift. My goal for the second trimester is to live less in fear and more in pure joy of each moment.

Week 13 was a rough week, but I got to see my baby sucking it's thumb so all is well :)
PLUS baby Faeh's first concert will be The Avett Brothers tonight so I'm a pretty happy mama.



where the hart is said...

You're so darn beautiful. Inside and out.

Allison Nichole said...

"I realize this baby will never belong to me...I felt some sort of entitlement...but I have to learn to give up control." Love this.

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