Thursday, April 19, 2012

{Week 14}

 A week in pictures...

Baby Faeh's first concert at the Avett Brothers. Couldn't hear yet, but there will be a lot of banjo palyin' on my tummy pretty soon!
 13 Weeks
Week one of farm life has been good to us. We are settling into somewhat of a schedule and loving a simpler life. Beans is also loving the farm.
Anth and Beans have become quite close.
Lounging on the hammock during a beautiful evening.
14 Week belly. Again, it tends to grow throughout the day so my large belly in the evening is more a result of my constant eating :)


We attempted to eat the top of our wedding cake just so we could say we did... it wasn't so great.

Headed to Lincoln for our 14 week appointment today! So excited to hear a little heartbeat.


Anonymous said...

Pregnancy suites you well. You look gorgeous!

Allison Nichole said...

Love the week in pictures idea, Jordan. Love the pictures, especially of the bump. Melts my heart. So happy for you and Truman. Enjoy hearing baby's heartbeat today!

rutheah rodehorst said...

jordan, you are so beautiful! i can't wait to see your belly grow! :)

Carolina said...

I can definitely tell in your face that you are pregnant (even if a belly isn't that prominent yet!) You look great!

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