Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Preparation {Holy Week}

Easter is one of those holidays that comes around and strikes me with it's reality. 
I always leave church feeling so emotional and grateful, but regretful that I didn't spend enough time preparing and digging into it's meaning. 

This year I really wanted to soak it in. I wanted to feel the pain and passion that Jesus felt. I wanted to feel the sorrow of my sin. I wanted to feel the joy of my salvation. 
I want to feel these things year round, but I thought Easter was the perfect place to start.
Ann Voskamp, an author I have a huge respect for,  had a few book recommendations that I purchased and absolutely loved. 

1. Reliving the Passion by Walter Wangerin Jr.
2. Devotions for Lent 

I also recently came across an amazing worship album (thanks to Truman's friend) that I plan on repeating all week. Chelsea Moon with Uncle Daddy created a wonderful album of hymns with a folk twist. As I have mentioned before, it is very difficult for me to find quality worship music and when I do it's like gold. My favorite song to play around Easter time is "How Deep the Father's Love for Us". Each word is piercing and beautiful--never failing to remind me of God's glory and amazing love.
I have the entire album below for your listening pleasure, I hope you take the time to listen and praise over the victory of our sins.



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