Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Farmer's Wife

I have always been someone who needs control and plans in my life.
I don't deal well with change and I almost always mentally break down when I can't see what's coming in the future.

Well, the Lord must have been laughing the day I said "I do" because he knew it was going to be one heck of a year for Truman and I. There have been more changes than comfort, less plans, and more surprises (hello baby Faeh) than I ever could have dealt with without a graceful husband and a comforting God.

Just when I thought I could sit back a coast for a little while...plans changed. 
Due to many different circumstances, Truman and I have decided that it is best to move back to the farm so Truman can help his dad during the Spring. This was a quick decision (we didn't have much time) so I'm sad to say that I've had a few breakdowns along the way, but I know it's best for our family at the time. It's very humbling to have to move in with your in-laws and admit that you need help. I'm so thankful that we have this option and families that are so willing to help us when we need it. 

Slightly terrified of what the next few months have in store for us, but very excited to play the role of "farmer's wife" and live at a slower pace for a while.

Lord, you keep us on our toes, but you always provide.



Suz said...

What?? When? Need more details!

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