Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Essential Oils

One of my biggest "health" goals for 2011 is to add to my (small) collection of essential oils.
When I went to Siloam Springs this summer, I was inspired by the local's natural way of living and did a little reading on essential oils. I have noticed a lot of articles in my favorite mag (Whole Living) about essential oils being great home remedies. I can't wait until I have a huge collection and can create all sorts of scents.

For now, I am going to focus on a great combination for your bedroom (courtesy of Whole Living Magazine). Formula: 30 drops of lavender, 15 of roman chamomile, and 5 of ylang-ylang. Add ten drops of the blend to a one-ounce bottle of water and shake. Spray all over curtains, bedspread, and pillow. And enjoy :)


A Gabster said...

I am SO trying this. I am addicted to lavender-anywhere, anytime. :)

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