Thursday, February 14, 2013

{My Little Valentine}

Before I had Penny I treated Valentine's Day as any other day. I thought it was a silly holiday and usually told Truman to just save his money (who am I kidding? I could never pass up chocolate). But now that I have a kiddo I am embracing the cheese. She obviously won't remember it at all but it's fun to have pictures for her to look back at. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be flipping heart-shaped pancakes for her next year ;)

To add an extra element of cheese, I created the ultimate love song playlist. My favorite love songs will be ringing through the house all day. Feel free to have a listen here!
 This girl is so into her toes right now.

Hands are fascinating, as well.

And of course I have to dedicate this little tune to my hunk of a husband :)


Allison Nichole said...

Jordan, I completely know what you mean about Valentine's Day being different this year. I have always thought it's a silly day (why have a special day for love when every day should be love-filled and just as intentional), but this year was different for me too. I am finding Valentine's day a challenge to creatively express love, and that can never be a bad thing, right? Half of the time, if I do something sweet for strangers or friends, they're a little taken aback and scared because "people just don't do that, right?" They find gifts awkward. But on Valentine's Day they are able to accept it openly. And I love that. It's like Valentine's Day leaves people's hearts open and empty and begging and vulnerable (which is part of the reason why I have been opposed to it in the past), but when you give, when you love, it helps pick the rocks out of open wounds. And I LOVE that. Being at The Mission for this Valentine's Day was awesome and I felt so utterly cheesy (yes, such a fitting word for this day) telling Randy that it was the best Valentine's Day I had ever had because it was full of love for people. It went from being a coupley, "let's get each other singing gorillas with heart bellies"-day to being a general love for people of all walks days. And, believe it or not, God totally wooed my heart in it. And I'm looking forward to next year too. Phew. Relief to not be the only love-loving sap renouncing Valentine's Day hatred.

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