Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun Dips Make Everything Better.

This weekend was Valentines Day. Though I am fortunate to have a great love in my life, I still think the holiday is very silly and refuse to celebrate it.

Instead, my good friends and I got together for a girls night and decided to go see the movie Valentines day (corny, right?). The movie made me dislike the holiday even more, but at least Sharon and I got quite a few good laughs at Taylor Swift's lack of acting talent.

We enjoyed Sharon's Dad's valentines day candy which consisted of the most unhealthy candy--fun dips. We agreed that documenting this experience was a must.

Is this a giant stepping stone in my resolutions? No.
It's just me enjoying some quality time with some really wonderful women. This is what life is all about. Don't forget it.



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