Sunday, February 21, 2010

Forgotten 21

A lot of you probably think it's absolutely ridiculous to have 20 resolutions. I suppose it is. I realize that I forgot one. I won't add it to the list, but it will follow me around.

Life has been rough. Life is rough.
I'm having a difficult time deciding what my next step is. School is pretty nasty and my life is lacking passion.
I get tired of being surrounded by people who have "career" as number one on their priority list.

I have a rocky and painful past. Living (almost) independently has shown me how much my past has affected my life even now. Family is messy right now and it's the major cause of my frequent minor breakdowns. So I have decided this...

Though the pain plans on sticking around for a while, I will make the attempt to learn to be content. I don't know where I'm going and I don't know how I'll feel a week from today, but I will take comfort in knowing that God does.

Cheers, J.


kels said...

Sometimes life just plain sucks. ive has a few tough years lately, and i like to use them to excuse myself from life, but checking out isnt ok, im pretty sure it doesnt please God, and im glad to read this post, it is really encouraging to see other people being empowered by Christ so that they can overcome. (hello run on sentences..)

ttloree said...

Although the pain is tough to deal with in the end, it's there as an overall learning tool. It's a test. The pain only helps you grow into a stronger and better person. It just sucks right now. Know though, you are not alone! My family life has always been pretty rough. For once in my 23 years, it's finally settling down and resolving itself. Be patient. :)

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