Monday, September 30, 2013

Arbor Day Farm / Kimmel Orchard

We crossed another thing off my fall list by visiting Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City. Last Year I was too pregnant and uncomfortable to even want to walk but I remember being really excited to take our baby girl the next year. We chose a beautiful day to go! The fact that Penny can walk is a blessing and a curse. It's SO fun to let her explore and be independent, but she loves it so much that any time we put her in the stroller or need to pick her up she has a MAJOR melt down. We found ways to get past it and still have a good time :) 
We also stopped at Kimmel Orchard to do a little apple picking. The orchard was beautiful and they were selling lots of yummy treats, but we were all so tired from walking around at Arbor Farm that we just picked our apples and didn't hang around. Penny loved playing with the apples on the ground, but keeping her away from the rotten ones was difficult. She and Truman went to pick her very own little apple and they sat in the grass and ate while we picked :)
 Making memories with my little family is just as wonderful and I dreamed it would be. Can't wait to bring baby sister here next year!


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