Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Watching Penny experience new things is my absolute favorite. 
I've always loved the beginning of fall, but with a child I get to enjoy it differently. Suddenly buying pumpkins and attending cheesy-touristy pumpkin patches is so fun because it means I get to watch Penny have fun. The faces she makes when she's seeing something new are priceless. I have a long list of fall goodies I want to introduce her to and I'm thankful I could check one off this weekend. 
We heard great things about Vala's Pumpkin Patch and it was a blast! I wasn't expecting it to be as huge as it was. We were definitely tired of all of the walking by the end of the day. Most of the activities were meant for older kids, but we found a few that Penny could enjoy.

Truman is such a great daddy. He was tired and sore from his Tough Mudder race this weekend, but he took Penny on this bouncy thing and she had so. much. fun. She was completely unaware of all the other kids bouncing as she made her way across the bubble so Truman spent most of his time protecting her. She's got a fearless attitude when it comes to adventure. She also threw quite the fit when we moved along to the next thing :)
It was a fun afternoon and she passed out the second we got in the car :)

I love enjoying this beautiful season with my family!


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