Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Penny Emerson : 11 Months

Getting this little one to sit still is nearly impossible.
We have been giggling a lot this month. She loves making us laugh and I love seeing those two front teeth. I feel more affection from her lately. She gives lots of slobbery kisses and grabs our face. My FAVORITE night ever was a few nights ago when she was a little congested. She woke up crying in the middle of the night and when I went to pick her up, she nestled her head into my neck and fell asleep while I rubbed her back. I contemplated whether sleeping upright in the rocking chair was do-able because I just couldn't set her down, but eventually had to. She has been holding tightly to my arm when I hold her, as well. I just get the sense that she really wants to be close to her mama and I'm okay with that.
She is the most social baby. Going anywhere with her is so much fun. I'll be concentrating on my grocery list and I'll hear her giggle only to look up and see her smiling at a stranger down the aisle. She'll give a big grin for anyone who looks her way. She also refuses to face forward in the cart--always has to see what's going on. 

She took her first steps the other day! I wasn't expecting it because she seems so content with crawling right now (she's a ridiculously fast crawler) but she was standing by herself, took three steps towards her books, and fell on her bottom. I screamed with excitement and she looked up at me like I was a crazy woman (I am). We keep trying to practice with her but she only wants to walk on her terms. She can only do 2-3 steps at a time right now but she sure does love the applause she gets afterward :)

She is SO much smarter than I realize. Anytime the TV is on or we are at a game, she will start clapping when she hears the audience/crowd clapping. Sometimes I won't even notice the audience cheering and she'll start clapping along. She's also speaking pretty well. I don't really think she knows what she's saying but she says "daddy" "hi" "uh oh" "yum" and "okay". And when I ask her what the cow says she puts her lips together and makes an "mmmm" sound. I geek out and get really excited every time :)
I went to pick her up from nursery this Sunday and as I stood in line I peered through the door and watched her playing with the other kids. She looked so grown up and it made me teary-eyed and so proud. (And then it hit me that if we decide to put her in a classroom I will be a hot mess when I can't watch her every move!) We stood at the back of the auditorium singing worship songs, her hand stretched high in the air, and I felt so incredibly happy to be her mama.


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