Monday, April 8, 2013

{Penny Emerson : 6 Months}

I can't believe my sweet girl is 6 months. She has changed so much since that first picture next to her little mouse!

I wanted some decent pictures for her half-year birthday (yes, we celebrate that in our house) so we took a few outside. She was much more interested in her surroundings than the camera and I can't blame the gal. We got a few cute ones anyway :)


She sits up all by herself now! I can't believe how fast it happened. It took her a few days to figure out how to balance and now it's all she wants to do. I learned the hard way that I have to make sure she isn't sitting next to anything hard (i.e. computer, fireplace mantel, etc.) because she has fallen over a couple times and hit her head. And so the baby proofing begins...
We've also started solids. Very slowly. She wasn't a fan of cereal at first but she is starting to get the hang of it. I have to make some pretty ridiculous noises to get her to be interested. Right now she has cereal every has become one of my favorite rituals to get up and eat breakfast together :)
She has tried a banana a few times but wasn't sure about the gooey texture. This week it's avocado!

Her first Easter! She absolutely loved the Easter service at the Holland. The music was fantastic and she was just singing at the top of her lungs the whole time...Grandma Joni will be happy about that one :)
First time sitting outside in the sun! I have been dying for the weather to get nice so we can play outside. She loves the outdoors.
First time at the zoo! I took her to the aquarium because I knew she would love all the bright tanks. We spent some time watching the penguins (I probably enjoyed it more than she did, ha) and she just started silently. Wasn't quite sure what to think of it yet! We will definitely be spending lots of time at the zoo this summer.

-She said "papa" and "mama" one day. It was so clear that it freaked Truman and I out. Of course it wasn't on purpose, but it was hilarious to hear an actual word come out of her mouth. And Truman was thrilled that her first one was "papa"

We have hair people!!!! It started to grow this month. There isn't much, but it's there! MAYBE she'll have a ponytail by her first birthday :)

Loves to be carried so she can see what's going on. We spent some time in the Old Market on a Saturday and she had a blast.
On Saturday mornings if she wakes up early I'll bring it her into bed with us to eat. She usually ends up falling back asleep and we take a family nap together. It's my favorite thing ever. 
Everything goes in the mouth.

-She LOVES to watch other kids, especially older ones. Our church group has a ton of kids running around and she just sits and giggles at they run past her and try to make her smile. I love watching her interact with other kids.  

 She loves to be rocked to sleep. I know that's a sin if you're an avid Babywise user, but I totally do it. She's able to fall asleep on her own and I think that's important, but her favorite thing is to fall asleep in my arms with a bottle propped against my shoulder. It's the quickest way to get her to sleep especially if we are out and about. There have been times where I felt like I was doing something wrong by rocking her to sleep, like I was a bad mother for not following the "rules" but I'm past that and realized that she won't always be this little and cuddly so I'm soaking up every second. Plus, I'm pretty sure her life won't be ruined by that fact that her mother rocked her to sleep :)

-She loves when papa tosses her into the air. She gets to giggling so hard that she can barely catch her breath.

We have so much fun exploring our neighborhood. She loves to be in the stroller. Oddly enough, we are surrounded by a few cornfields and I love it so much. I don't know why but I find so much comfort now in farming. I suppose it has something to do with my growing love for Central City and our short time that we lived there. Being in a big city has been uncomfortable for us but having those fields makes the area seem less...big, for lack of a better word. We also have a local farm supply (lol I have no idea what it's actually called) store a block away that sells fresh produce in the summer so I'm REALLY looking forward to checking that out!

Her facial expressions crack me up. Whenever she is excited she stiffens up and her legs and arms start flailing around like crazy. When the music started at church yesterday she about kicked herself rick out of my arms.

-She has started to cry when she's angry. I panicked a little because I'm not sure how to react yet. It is my biggest goal to always stay calm when my children are having a fit (even through those nasty teenage years) but I'm naturally someone who reacts quickly to things. So it will definitely be a struggle for me as she gets older and starts to throw more tantrums when she's frustrated. Only by the grace of God will I succeed in this one.

-For a while she was waking up at 4am to eat. I was so sad to give up those nights where she slept til 8am, but thankfully she is back to sleeping until 6:30 or 7. I think this has something to do with her getting hungrier faster. Hopefully once we have a regular solid food schedule she will sleep a little better. 

 This child does not like to stay still in her crib. She rolls and rolls until she ends up with her limbs in between the bars. Though it's hilarious to catch her like this, there were a few nights where she woke up screaming with her leg caught so I gave in and bought a breathable bumper and that seems to help.

What we're listening to:
 Spring is when I feel music sounds best. And there are a few great albums that have been or will be released this season. Lately we have been listening to Hem, Rilo Kiley, Gillian Welch, Willie Nelson, Junip, and everything with a banjo.

As always, this little gal is teaching me so much about myself and my role as a mother, wife, and homemaker. My "job" consists of studying and teaching her. I'm soaking up every giggle, every loss of balance, every snuggle in the rocking chair, and every dance session in the living. I am so incredibly blessed. 


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