Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{Spontaneous Date}

We should have known that the two of us could not simply sit outside of a Band of Horses show without the urge to splurge on a couple of tickets...

Since the little babe came into the picture, we have had to put our own fun on the back burner to save money in preparation for her (which we are glad to do) by forgoing a Colorado vacation, bluegrass festival, and multiple great shows that have come through Nebraska. Because we didn't want to spend money on tickets to see Band of Horses, we decided to make a cheap date out of it and park outside the venue in hopes of being able to at least hear a few songs. We headed down to Pioneers Park and made a pit stop at the BEST little ice cream joint called C & L Dairy Sweet. They make lemon ice cream on Tuesdays and it is to. die. for. I'm already counting down the days until next Tuesday...

We pulled into the parking lot, turned off the car, rolled down the windows and watched as tons of people walked up the hill in excitement for the show. It wasn't five minutes before Truman said "you know...I haven't used my birthday money yet..." with this adorable, giddy smile. It took us about a minute to justify our actions before we were walking up the hill with the rest of the bunch. We couldn't stop smiling at how spontaneous we were being because it was completely out of character for us to make such a quick decision. 
Though we won't be having any more (expensive) spontaneous dates for a while, this was well worth it. This was our best date by far and I will remember it forever. Slight breeze, awesome music, kicking baby, and snuggling my man in the grass. Plus, I can't wait to add Band of Horses to the list of shows baby P has already attended. This girl is going to be born with a killer taste in music :)
(30 weeks)
Unflattering picture, but I needed proof to show my girl later on. 
Trums and I aren't huge My Morning Jacket fans. They are hit and miss for me. Some of their stuff I'm obsessed with and some of it just isn't my thing, but either way I cannot deny that they put on one heck of a show. I love Jim James' voice and he rocks out like no other--flipping his poofy hair around like it's nobody's business. 

*If any of you have seen Elizabethtown, just imagine the scene where Rucks (a.k.a. MMJ) sings Free Bird at the funeral and the sprinklers come on. Classic. *

My little miss was rocking around in my tummy all night. I had such a thankful heart as we sat snuggled in the grass--the three of us. I'm so thankful for Truman and his free spirited nature (when appropriate) and I can't wait to share more moments like this in the future. Baby P and I have been loving this lately. Enjoy!

561. Barefoot on the grass
562. Dancing silhouettes
563. Baby kicks during the show
564. Slight summer breeze
565. Loud music overtaking
566. Spontaneous husband
567. Damp skin from humidity
568. Rain drops at the perfect moment


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