Sunday, August 26, 2012

{32 Weeks}

Week 32 was a little rough. 
I averaged about 4 hours of sleep per night so I felt like a zombie during the day. It's hard for me to get comfortable and stay asleep. However, I'm so thankful that I don't have to face a full time job every morning--I have a new respect for you pregnant women who do. When I start to get discouraged I sneak back into the nursery and hold P's blanket or stand in front of the closet--flipping through her tiny little onesies. This always lifts my spirits and reminds me that it's all worth it. 

Needless to say, this week has consisted of many naps with the Bean.

I'm also to the point where I could care less about how I look as long as I'm comfortable. I shamelessly walked through the neighborhood the other night in my maxi dress and sneakers. Yep, pretty soon it's going to be slippers and yoga pants to the grocery store...okay, maybe I draw the line there. 

My lack of sleep has caused me to come down with some sort of cold so I set up camp on the couch all day and snuggled with the hubs. I plan on spending the next few days getting better so I can tackle my incredibly long list of things to do before P arrives...7ish more weeks!!


Luke & Crystal Gustafson said...

Wait. What's wrong with yoga pants and slippers? Haha. You look great Jord. Keep your chin up, she'll be here soon and it will all be worth it :) love you!

Emily McHargue said...

You are SO cute Jordan! Rock those sneakers! Will be praying for you this week

A Simple Homemaker said...

You're looking good, my friend. I know it's hard to imagine now, but you'll forget all about the discomforts once P is here.........promise!!!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! Feel bad for you - the pregnancy "no-sleeps" are NO fun! Hope your cold went away quickly! See you in a couple days!

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