Thursday, August 9, 2012


Friends, I need help. 

I'm trying to track down a changing table for the nursery (preferably a cheap one that I can paint) and I know exactly what I want but I'm having NO luck! I have checked a few antique stores in Lincoln. Can anyone with some more expertise recommend any places? I would really appreciate it!

Here's my inspiration:


Sarms said...

Hey Jordan! This is such a cute idea and I love the overall theme here! One thought that ran through my mind when I saw this though. I have baby sat a ton and worked with a lot of changing stations - ones with drawers look "neater" but sometimes can get frustrating when in actual use. You may want to try and find something with at least one open area for quick and easy access. Also if you are buying antique furniture, make sure that if you do end up going with drawers, that they slide out easily. I don't know if you have air conditioning or not but keep in mind how wood swells with high humidity. So if you are staying around Nebraska and don't have means of controlling the humidity in the house it can cause a bit of an upset with older furniture - so metal runners tend to deal with this issue. Anyways, just a few of the thoughts that ran through my mind when I saw this. :) Its such a pretty idea (our tastes are pretty similar i feel) and totally do-able but just gotta take everything into consideration! Let me know how it goes and congrats to you and trums!

kate e. said...

Great Finds and Posh Peacock in Omaha.

Carolina said...

Did you check craigslist? Sometimes you can find some rare treasures on there!

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