Friday, December 9, 2011


I'm a tiny little gal. There's no way out of it. My dad's tiny (ish) and my mom is tiny.
This makes winter especially dreadful (as if I already didn't hate it enough). I am constantly freezing. I think I even whipped the space heater out once or twice in August. 

Truman, being the wonderful husband that he is, decided to buy me a heating pad that I could sleep with during the winter. I abused my privileges. I literally have that thing on me at all times and two days ago we paid the price--I blew a fuse. Not only is half of our home without electricity, the electricity refuses to come back on as well. 

It was late and Truman was tired of bothering our landlord so we decided to have fun with the situation which brings me to #247 on my eucharisteo list....

247. Living room sleepovers

We snuggled our mattress right next to our Christmas tree, I plugged my heating pad into an outlet that still works (of course), and we watched movies until we fell asleep. It was a great night.

(Notice how I caught Beans mid-jump)


Allison Baier said...

Jordan--This is so cute!

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