Thursday, November 17, 2011


This will be our first Christmas together as the Faeh family.
I was brought up in a home that cherished the holiday season and the traditions it brings. Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, my dad would play Elvis' & James Taylor's Christmas albums while we set up our tree. (And, of course, there were years when Kali and I would fight the whole time about who got to put the angel on at the end.) It is one of the fondest memories I have as a child and I plan to carry the tradition as Truman and I start our own family.

As the Christmas season approaches, I'm starting to compile a list of things I'd like to do. After Thanksgiving, we plan to find ourselves a cute and slightly wimpy Christmas tree.
While decorating the tree, we will listen to Elvis' & Phil Spector's Christmas albums (along with other classics like Charlie Brown, James Taylor, Frank Sinatra, etc)

We'll finish the day snuggled up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa while watching Meet Me In St. Louis (and probably Elf). 
These are just a few traditions I'd like to start as a family, but I also understand that most traditions don't start out by being planned. That's probably what makes them so special. 

I'd love to hear what other families have for traditions so do share!


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