Thursday, November 10, 2011


 I have the greatest friends ever. For my birthday, my best friends stopped by and showered me with goodies. My favorite being the warm and cozy sweater blanket :) They know me oh so well. I gave the blanket a test run this evening and never want to part from it. The perfect thing for snuggling on a couch and watching Gilmore Girls with my guy. Beans is very fond of it, as well.
 We have been snuggling all evening.
And, of course, beans had to pretend to rip it apart to show how tough she is. Love that gal.

Many things to be thankful for today...
206. Old family memories
207. Laughing at work
208. Sun rising early
209. Warm, comfy blankets
210. Unexpected "I Love You's"
211. Small holiday accents


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