Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Humble Abode

We have been living in our apartment for three months now, but I am just starting to dress it up and make it feel like it's ours. Decorating on a budget isn't fun but thankfully I had some wedding decorations leftover! It's amazing how a few little things around the house will automatically add character. 

 (Wooden frame with scrapbook paper & dyed newspaper)


 (My personal favorite spot in the apartment)

 (Wooden tray from Hobby Lobby)

  (Finally finished our "bulletin board")

It's fun to get creative and use what you already have to decorate. Don't get me wrong I can't wait to do some real decorating one day and I think I'll appreciate it a lot more now. 
Cheers, J.


An Aspiring Culinary Artist said...

I wanna come visit! It looks so cozy. :)

Rutheah Rodehorst said...

so cute! LOVE the frames with the aged paper.

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