Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Local Theatre

Life in Grand Island is getting pretty dull.
This isn't surprising to me since I knew it was bound to happen.
I'm still enjoying my break from school, but I'm ready to move.
However, I'm still trying very hard to be content so I have been focusing on what's great about being here.

1. Coffee shop
2. Free food (most of the time)
3. Spending time with Truman and his family
4. The Grand Theatre

Oh, that theatre will never truly know my love for it.

Grand Island doesn't have much to offer, but I will tell you it is worth driving here JUST to catch a weekend flick. The atmosphere, the families, the price, the location-- I wouldn't change a thing.

Truman and I were there last night to see Eat, Pray, Love. The movie was terrible, but I felt so at home. Walking downtown on a crisp night to see the rest of the town in line (slightly over exaggerating) makes me feel like I'm an extra on Gilmore Girls.
I feel welcome there.
I feel so happy to see families spending time together or older couples going on a date. The $3.50 ticket is worth it just to have that feeling.

I love supporting Grand Island's best business with the rest of the community.

Last night I was perfectly content.
I wasn't thinking about my friends being independent in Lincoln (though I miss them), or the wedding, or my family troubles.
I was just happy to be another local headed to see a movie.



Rutheah Rodehorst said...

SO glad to see the grand is alive and thriving! GI has a habit of destroying the nostalgic old buildings...I'm so happy to see that didn't happen to the grand. I used to find that place so magical when I was a kid. :)

where the hart is said...

def my favorite place in GI :) soo many memories at the grand!

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