Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baking With The Faeh's

We have cupcake fever at Barista's this fall.
They are selling like crazy and I'm enjoying the practice.
I wanted to try a new recipe this weekend so I recruited Truman and Anthony to help.
The first recipe was a chocolate cake with raspberry butter cream.

I was feeling adventurous so I decided to try making vanilla chai cupcakes.
They. Were. Delicious.
Beans helped.
I'm feeling more comfortable with my baking skills.
Dare I say it's even...fun?
Yes. It's fun. Especially the end when I get to eat it.
Next project: fruit tarts.

Wish me luck.


where the hart is said...

whoaaa how was vanilla chai??

Notes From A Ragamuffin said...

they were SO good! lol I felt so accomplished for actually succeeding

A Gabster said...

okay i did not know this was possible, but the bean gets cuter every time i see her!!
and your cupcake looked pro! :)

kels said...

whoa. next time i come thru gi im stopping in for a cuppy-cake! mmmm!

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