Monday, March 15, 2010


I write this blog while sipping a cup of black tea and sitting at my favorite place in Grand Island; Barista's.
I love everything about this place (minus the "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" by Elton John playing in the background--someone needs to be fired). I love the smell, the good music that is usually playing, the owners (future in-laws), the late summer nights that were spent here, the ridiculous slogans on the sign, and the fact that this is where I fell in love. I, no doubt, will be spending the majority of my time here this summer.

Since I'm leaving soon for Florida, I have a great excuse to get new music for the plane ride. Though my list is incredibly long, I knew exactly what I wanted my first purchase to be--Hem. I am sad to say that I have only known of Hem for a little while (thank God I have finally seen the light). I mentioned earlier that I am going through a southern folk phase. This album (Rabbit Songs) is just what I need.

I am trying to buy one album a week. It's very hard to limit myself to one.
Here is what's on my wish list:

1. Drunkard's Prayer- Over the Rhine

2. anything Rosi Golan

3. Funnel Cloud- Hem

4. Volume 2- She & Him

5. Devon Sproule

6. Danny Schmidt

There's more, but I've had to narrow it down to the necessities.



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