Monday, January 7, 2013

{Penny Emerson: 3 Months}

My sweet Penny girl. 
I've had three whole months with you and I can't imagine spending my days any other way. You fit into our little family perfectly and made motherhood an amazing experience--far greater than I even imagined. Your giant grins, your developing voice, your kicking legs fill me with so much joy. You are one of the greatest gifts I have been given and I'm thankful for you every day.
(3 Weeks)
(3 Months)
A few facts about my girl:

Still hates tummy time with a burning passion. If I prop her on a pillow she'll go about 30 seconds without crying. I have no idea how to get her comfortable with this!! Poor thing is starting to get a flat head in the back so I better find a way soon!
She can support her head pretty well by herself. She has been trying to lift it lately when she's laying on my legs.
Whenever we are burping her, she'll inch her way down our hand and start sucking on our fingers. Cutest thing ever.
She also has a knack for passing out while being burped. 
She is the WORST eater. Love her to death, but it seriously takes an hour to finish her bottle. She moves her head all over the place so I'm constantly shoving the bottle in her mouth. And when she's really hungry, she gets all dramatic and drapes her arms around the bottle. So funny.
She is officially sleeping in her big girl room! She slept in our room the first three months but when we moved we decided to put her in her crib.
Poor thing has her first cold today. She's congested and coughing, but thankfully no fever! We ventured out to a local health food store and she was all smiles for the owner. I'm going to make a safe vapor rub that will hopefully give her some relief.

-Not sure of her weight, probably 10/11 pounds. She's getting a big ol' tummy and I LOVE it!

-She is SO smiley. I never thought I would see the day. The first month it seemed like she was crying all. the. time. It is so easy to make her smile now. Sometimes she'll even try to smile while she's crying. Hilarious. And that double chin...

-She has been talking up a storm. She trys to hard mimic what we say. Saying "hiiii" over and over again (and sounding like an idiot) really gets her going.
**can't figure out how to upload a video yet**

She also recently found her hands.

Having so much fun with this little gal.


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