Friday, September 28, 2012

{37 Weeks : Full Term}

 I am officially walking in "full term" territory. 
My long list of pregnant friends is quickly being checked off and I am now next in line. Two weeks. TWO. WEEKS. (Give or take.) I grabbed Truman's arm in the doctor's office yesterday when it hit me that there will be a baby in my arms a month from now. 

Aside from all of the expected pregnancy discomforts at 9 months I'm still feeling pretty good. I'm walking every day and drinking Raspberry Leaf tea in hopes of helping my body start the labor process. I have yet to experience a real contraction, though. I keep worrying that I'm not going to know when the real thing starts but every woman I've talked to says "trust me, you'll know!" 

The past few weeks I have been experiencing the strangest symptom. I have this strong desire to smell certain chemicals like gasoline and spray paint and I LOVE the smell of Ace Hardware. Don't worry, I'm not about to start sniffing paint, but when I catch a smell it is so satisfying...and so weird. I'm sure it's an indication of low iron or something.

Baby P went to her last show in the womb this week -- John Mark McMillan.
It was an amazing show. I haven't experienced worship like that in a long time and it made me feel so present. A band called Jude Moses opened for JMM and it didn't take long for me to get hooked. It may be nerdy, but I tend to get a little emotional when I'm experiencing really good music. I get goosebumps all over, tears in my eyes, and this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Jude Moses did that to me. The whole show did that to me. 

Lately I've had to keep a close eye on Beans because she loves to sneak back into the nursery and cause trouble. I was cleaning the kitchen the other day and realized that Bean had been suspiciously quiet for a while. I called her name and she came running around the corner looking guilty as ever. I walked back to the nursery to find P's cute little mouse (from Grandma Joni) face down on the floor. Beans had somehow managed to jump up and snag it from the crib. That naughty little girl knows what's coming and she doesn't like it.

I got to see my sweet girl's face yesterday. Can't believe I'll be looking at those chubby cheeks soon.


Luke & Crystal Gustafson said...

Can't believe it's soooooo soon friend. You are looking adorable with your bump (or boulder!!) Cant wait to meet her.

Jenny Stec said...

You are such a down to earth and amazing person! I wish I had the chance to get to know you sooner in life! We NEED to get together and catch up soon!

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