Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{36 Weeks}

The end is finally within arm's reach and I am SO thankful...and terrified.
You would think that with a big belly and the house full of baby goods it would be easy to picture a baby in a few weeks, but I truly still can't. I'm beyond excited that I will be holding her soon, but I've been waiting so long that it seems unreal. 

-At my 35 week appointment, baby P was 5.2 lbs. We will definitely have a small gal and I'm okay with that as long as she is healthy.

-Braxton Hicks contractions have been getting more frequent (especially at night) and powerful. It feels like I get the wind knocked out of me every time so I have to really focus on my breathing. Even though they aren't very fun, it's exciting that they are bringing me one step closer to the real deal!

-Kali was over the other day and Baby P was putting on a show. She was pushing her feet out of my side while bouncing her bum back and forth. Kal could see my belly moving back and forth from across the room. Needless to say, I think my gal is ready to be out. 

-The nursery is slowly but surely coming together. I'm spending this week trying to get the majority of it done so I can just relax the last few weeks. On Saturday I will be considered "full term" and even though she most likely won't make an appearance for a while, I want to be ready. 

I ache to hold my baby girl, to massage her little feet, to snuggle her in the rocking chair when she's fussing. Life is going to drastically change for the Faeh's in a couple weeks, but I am ready for it. Now if only I felt that way about labor...


Carolina said...

Are you back in Lincoln?
If there is anyyything I can do, anything, feel free to let me know, I know how tiring and hectic those first few weeks after having baby can be!

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