Sunday, July 8, 2012

{Weeks 25 & 26}

I truly had no idea that I would be moved back into my own home at 26 weeks.
Plans changed (story of our lives) and we decided it was best to head back to Lincoln. It feels SO good to be home again. I took things for granted like tidying up the house on my free time, walking Coco around our neighborhood, and making dinner for Trums. Returning to my daily tasks has given me such a thankful heart.

During week 25 I took some time to organize my little gal's clothes. She doesn't have much yet (and I'll probably keep it pretty basic the first few months) but I couldn't stop smiling as I was hanging her tiny little things on tiny little hangers...Beans helped. 
We came home a few weeks ago to our out-of-control garden. Seriously, it's embarrassing. I had NO idea our cucumbers would take off like that and I let them grow on the ground so they would be fat and juicy. Well, apparently it's working because we enjoyed our first cucumber of the season!
We weren't very patriotic this year because we spent the 4th of July moving our stuff back to Lincoln. However, I celebrated America by indulging in a red, white, and blue Starkiss from Dairy Queen. I didn't even know these things still existed! I used to eat them all the time as a kid and I was randomly craving them the other day. I was embarrassed to ask the DQ employee if they were still available, but when she said yes I screamed like a little girl.
We spent this last weekend at my family's cabin at Harlan lake. We always have a great time with them and it was fun to lounge around in the sun all day.
(26 Weeks)
Can't believe I'm approaching the 3rd trimester!
I love the hot and humid weather (seriously I would take it every day of the year if I could) and always dread the coming fall, but I have to say I'm pretty darn excited for October. I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and they were setting out their fall decorations. Usually that makes me so angry because I want to hold onto summer for as long as I possibly can, but I got butterflies in my stomach at the realization that fall isn't too far away...and I'm totally okay with that.

Pregnancy updates:
 -The belly button is starting to protrude! I'm such a weirdo but I've been looking forward to this all pregnancy. I think it's so cute.

-I officially have the "linea nigra" (line down my belly)

-My belly has grown significantly and I can now feel her whole body adjusting as opposed to just little kicks. It is so much fun to sit and watch her move back and forth. I felt her tiny little foot pressing out above my belly button yesterday.

-The little stinker still has her hands up next to her head. We couldn't even see her face at our last appointment. We have to go back to the hospital to meet with the specialist next week so I'm hoping we'll be able to get a better look then.

-I passed my glucose test!!! The phone rang last week and I prepared myself for bad news, but they said my test came back normal and my hemoglobin was a little low...going to be more intentional about getting enough iron these next few weeks. 

-I have been craving starkisses from DQ and ice cream from Ivanna Cone so if anyone in Lincoln wants to indulge with me let me know!


A Simple Homemaker said...

1. I must say it again-you and your bump are beautiful! It seems bigger already since the last time I saw you!
2. I have been craving Ivanna Cone as well-call me anytime you want to indulge. :)

faehdayz said...

Ahhh! Love the baby bump!!! So adorable! Let me know if you head my way any time soon! I always love visitors:) And YAY for passing the glucose test!!:)

Carolina said...

Your belly is so cute! Makes me miss mine, a lot! it's so weird to think that 2 years ago, I was getting ready to have a baby!

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