Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lately... {24 Weeks}

The past few weeks have been a real trial period. We have officially overstayed our estimated time in Central City and Truman's job is still up in the air. Being the planner and control-freak that I am, I've had to truthfully answer the question of "do I really trust God?". Once I get past my complaining, I look back at the past two months and realize how blessed our time has been.

I have been fortunate enough to work few hours and live a relatively stress-free life (which is SO important for the baby), we have had the opportunity to catch up financially, Truman's had a break from school, and we've been able to spend a lot of time together. I've also been able to devote time each day to spend in God's word and it has made a world of difference.

It's funny that when I stop my wining about how things don't go the way I plan, I see that God is actually giving me exactly what I need--time with Him and time with my husband.

We spent some time at the Barista's reading on the patio one day. Definitely one of my favorite things to do.
I've been reading "Becoming God's True Woman" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and a few other women. It's a great book and I highly recommend it. A book like this is so important in a world where women are less concerned with how God created them to be and more concerned with how the world thinks they should be.
The fields are starting to get nice and fluffy. I still go out and sit in the tractor with Tru from time to time.
I've been enjoying my free days roaming around the antique stores of Grand Island. I don't consider myself to be a great bargain shopper but I recently purchased this reading chair for $25...I think I deserve a high five for that.
We started out the wedding season at Babel's Barn this weekend where we got married a year ago. It was fun to be back and re-live those memories.
24 Weeks!
 Truman's wonderful photography skills.
 Loving my growing bump--is it crazy that I feel more beautiful with a big belly?
Pregnancy updates:

-Cravings lately have consisted of Carlos O Kelley's salsa and queso and ice cream cake from Dairy Queen...which is strange because I hate DQ ice cream and I've always thought their cakes were nasty.

-I wake up early every morning really sore and it takes a while to adjust. However, Baby P is usually most active at that time so it's impossible to complain. This morning her feet were completely stretched out to my side and I could feel the little things kicking. There's no better way to start my day.

-We go in for our next appointment this Wednesday and I am so excited to see how much she has grown. I also have to take the dreaded Glucose test and I'm kind of psyching myself out about it. Someone lie to me and tell me it's not that bad! (I get to eat jelly beans instead of drink the orange bottle of death so that helps).

Can't believe I'm 6 months. Trying to enjoy every single day of this bonding time with my gal.
Cheers, J.


Carolina said...

How come you get to eat Jelly beans! Lucky, ;) I'm sure with the jelly beans it's not that bad! Just a long appointment.

A Simple Homemaker said...

I love your bump....just had to stop by and share that little tidbit. :)

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