Friday, June 8, 2012

{21 Weeks}

My sweet baby girl at 21 Weeks.
We took another unplanned trip to Lincoln this past week due to some questionable test results. I didn't care so much for the stress of bad news, but watching my girl via ultrasound for 40 minutes was pure heaven. I love her so much. I think of what it will be like to snuggle her and watch her sleep and it brings me to tears. I'm amazed at how much love I have for someone I don't even know yet. Where our only communication consists of a few kicks in the morning and evening (the highlights of my day). I lay in bed, hands on my tummy, and thank God for choosing me. Me. A Mother. What a blessing.
 The little stinker has her hands up next to her face every time we go in for an appointment. The doctor spent a good ten minutes trying to wiggle her around to get a better look at her head but she just wouldn't budge! I'm thinking this will be her go-to position once she's born which means she will hate the whole swaddling technique for bedtime!

After our appointment we (mostly I) needed to do something lighthearted to relax so we went to the first Jazz in June. The band was quite awful but the atmosphere was fun and the weather was perfect. Watching the community come together for one giant picnic gave me a thankful heart.

Spent some time at The Mill on 48th. 
 Our girl doesn't usually kick in the afternoon, but she was going to town. It was the perfect moment. Silence on a summer afternoon, a tiny little breeze to make things comfortable, and some nudging from my gal to let me know she's there.
 Bean loves to sneak her way into the driver's seat during car rides. It's very annoying, but how can we say no to that?

My favorite memory of the week comes from yesterday. It was my first day back at work for a while and I could no longer fit into any pants I owned (which is frustrating and exciting at the same time). I was hustling around all morning when all of a sudden baby girl gave me a pretty powerful nudge. I leaned against the counter holding my side and forgot anyone else was around. And then it hit me-- here I am standing in the exact same spot that I fell in love with Truman 4 years ago and now I'm carrying our first child together and more in love than I thought possible. 
God's grace and beauty appears in miraculous ways.

Blessed beyond words,


A Simple Homemaker said...

Loved reading this- so so sweet. Hope your test results ended up being okay! Ps. I swear I can see a little bit of both of you already in her! :)

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