Saturday, May 12, 2012

{17 Weeks}

Week 17 has been especially fun (with a few, minor hiccups).

We (finally!) had the opportunity to spend time with our littlest nephew, Connor, and we had such a blast. I was really nervous that he wouldn't be very comfortable around us since we haven't spent very much time with him but he was so playful and cuddly it almost brought me to tears! I can't wait until he has a little cousin to run around with.

 We took him for a walk to the local BBQ place in town and it made me so excited to take our little babe places. I'm already dreaming of morning strolls through the farmer's market... :)
 Isn't he the cutest!? Those chubby lips...

As I mentioned here, we've been playing music to our babe all week and I can't get enough of watching my belly button move around. I giggle like a little girl every time and probably weird Truman out, but it never gets old! I've been playing Scripture Lullabies (check it out here!) every night and little Faeh seems to enjoy that.

 Came home to my guy laying in the hammock the other day. These are the things I love about being on the river.

Want to share a fun little tip that I learned on my shopping trip!
I was trying a skirt on at Anthro and this really cute sales associate was helping. Usually when I wear skinny belts around my waist I have no idea what to do with the excess and I let it hang awkwardly. She suggested buckling the belt at my side and wrapping the rest of the belt for texture--brilliant! Maybe I'm the last one to realize how great this is, but I wanted to share just in case anyone else was having the same problem I was :)
 (Mid-17 Weeks)

 Halfway during the week I started having kidney pain and cramping. I was getting worried that I had some sort of infection so I called the nurses to be safe. They decided to bump my appointment up a few days so we headed to Lincoln last night. I knew that at 17 weeks there was a chance we would be able to tell what the sex is so I was really excited we could get in a little sooner. 

We were able to find out :)
I can't share anymore just yet because we are waiting to tell friends and family for another three weeks at a Gender Reveal's going to be tough keeping it a secret!

(This is me at a day short of 18 Weeks)
 Ugh. Does anyone else have a really hard time taking a decent picture with a self timer!? We are just about ready to throw in the towel and get a dang tri-pod...
 We decided an occasion like this deserved proper celebrating so we got all guzzied up and went to Bread & Cup.
 We finished the evening at our favorite coffee shop watching the bar-hoppers stumble through town, what fun!

It was a great week overall and I'm so happy to feel like I know my baby just a little bit more. 
Cheers and happy mother's day a day early!


rutheah rodehorst said...

gahhhhh!!!!! i need to call you today. :) so exciting!!

where the hart is said...

Okay, Connor is most definitely a Faeh! Looks just like all of them! and I'm so happy you found out! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww...thanks again for babysitting for us! :) And can we PLEASE move the party up? That just seems like SO FAR away! And how are you feeling? Did you end up having an infection?

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