Saturday, May 5, 2012

{16 Weeks}

Had a great start to week 16 in Kansas City with my mom and Shanda. I even got lucky and won an extra $100 of shopping money from a gas station scratch card (I NEVER do that sort of thing, by the way). The constant walking was a little rough on my hips and legs, but I enjoyed visiting some of my favorite stores and finally having a legit baby bump!

The Gap store we visited had a maternity section so I was able to try on some basic dresses (I'm wearing one in the pictures above). Those were the only maternity pieces I purchased and they are the most comfortable thing ever. A little on the pricey side but totally worth the quality and comfort of the fabric--I want to live in them.

Most of the week has consisted of working and finding songs for baby Faeh to enjoy. I'm so thankful for this warm weather and it's making the country even more enjoyable. Last night Truman took me on a date to The Chocolate Bar and we sat on the patio for hours. I love downtown GI and I rarely get to enjoy it so it was quite the treat (plus we got a kick out of the older women beside us laughing at how drunk they were).

The other night I was laying on the couch miserably full. I was noticing how shallow my belly button was getting when all of the sudden it moved! Not my belly, but the belly button! It was the strangest thing--moving up and down and doing the wave. I can't image that I would be able to see my baby's movement yet especially when I haven't felt anything, but what else could it be? Google was of no help to me. If anyone has an explanation for my alien-belly I'd love to hear!

Permanently attaching headphones to my belly this week...


where the hart is said...

Oh mylanta, you are so precious. Let's go enjoy downtown GI sometime this week, k? :)

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