Sunday, January 1, 2012


We threw our very first New Year's Eve party this year and it was a huge success. I truly have a passion for planning parties and gathering close friends--wish I could do it every holiday! The more parties I plan, the more I find that the key to throwing a successful event is your guests. You can decorate 'til your bank account is empty and have the most lavish menus, but a good party is impossible without great people and we are so lucky to have so many in our lives. 

 We played silly New Year's Eve themed games (thanks everyone for cooperating!!) and ate until each serving plate was empty. I woke up this morning to empty cups and party hats everywhere and I felt so happy. (The second component to a great party is a total mess at the end--it means everyone had fun!) 2012 will be a great year :)

 I got a little festive and dipped my fingers in glitter for the party.

 We each made our own party hats and wrote our resolutions on them.

Here's to a year full of many gatherings :)


Anonymous said...

looks like a wonderful time! love the hats!!!

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