Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Office Inspiration

I have been putting off decorating the apartment because I'm worried I won't find what I'm looking for. But I have the time to do it so I'm going to tackle this head on. So I don't get overwhelmed, I decided to break it down into sections: office, bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway closet. Oh boy. 

Starting with the "office" since it's serving as a spot for junk right now. Technically we don't have an office. Our desk just sits in our room. I'd like to still create a somewhat cozy place for us to get work done especially when I get this wedding blog up and running. I took an old white desk from my old house and painted it gray since we are sticking with neutral colors. To dress it up, I changed the handles to fancier ones from Anthropologie. It was amazing how a little detail like hardware could change the look of it!

The only thing we have so far for the desk is a vintage recipe box that I turned into a card holder. We had tons of leftover custom notecards from the wedding that I know we will have use for.

 I am going to try and attempt this to hang above the desk. Hobby Lobby has frames exactly like that, but I have no idea where to find the chicken wire...or how to attach it for that matter. Wish me luck! Pictures if I'm successful...


where the hart is said...

Is this the desk with former hot pink and orange stripes and polka dots? ;)

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