Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Honeymooners Pt. 1

Hello friends!
I'm back and this is my first blog as a married woman! (Wow--still getting used to saying that.) The wedding was swell and I can't wait to share pictures and blog about our special day. Until then, I thought I would share with you some pictures of our honeymoon in Portland, Oregon.

Since Truman's bro is a pilot, we were able to get stand-by tickets for cheap. However, this meant we weren't guaranteed a spot on the plane so we had to wake up extra early...as you can see Trums is not a morning person.
We stayed at The Resort at Mt. Hood for the first two nights to take time to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors. After a crazy week of wedding happenings, we knew there was no way we would have the energy to hit the city first. The drive to the resort was beautiful--completely green and covered with tall trees. Think Colorado times 10.

We pampered ourselves by ordering room service and getting a couples massage at the spa. It was our first time getting massages and we had a blast. If I could get one every week I would! Thankfully, we agreed to start a tradition and get massages for every anniversary. 
After a day of relaxing, we hit the trails and did some hiking. The weather was a little too chilly for me so we didn't last long.

When we headed for Portland, we decided to take the scenic route all the way around Mt. Hood. We were told that there were little towns with fruit farms and wineries which was true. Unfortunately we were a little early in the season to catch the excitement. The drive was still beautiful.

Right before hitting Portland, we stopped at the nation's second largest waterfall: Multnomah Falls. It was breathtaking. Cold, but breathtaking. The sound of the water bursting over the cliff was frightening and peaceful at the same time.

The mountains were just what we needed before we hit the craziness of Portland. 
More to come!
Mrs. Faeh :) (okay, I'm done)


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