Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mark Driscoll

I first heard of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church when Truman, Micah, and I attended a church service in downtown Lincoln. They showed a podcast of Mark preaching about marriage and a man's role. I was immediately drawn to his teaching style and loved how he presented the raw truth--even if it didn't sound nice.

Since then, I have listened to quite a few podcasts and read a few of his books. My understanding of Christ and my relationship with him and everyone around me has grown so much because of these teachings. I owe it all to God, of course, because it is His word we're studying after all, but Pastor Mark really does a great job of breaking things down.

Look him up on itunes. Seriously. It's free.
A few of my favorites:

-Proverbs: Friendship

-Trial: Marriage and Women

-Trial: Temptation From Worldliness

-The Peasant Princess series

If you decide to give these a shot, please let me know. I'm dying to discuss them with someone!

Cheers, J.


Danica Keeley said...

I LOVE Mark!!! Such a great pastor!!

Rutheah Rodehorst said...

LOVE him. he is stays so true to scripture and that is what it's all about. ry and i did the peasant princess series as a bible study together. it was lovely...did you know you can download all of the workbooks for each sermon series? so wonderful.

Notes From A Ragamuffin said...

Truman and I did the peasant princess series together, also! we really enjoyed it. I didn't know that about the workbooks. I'll have to look into it

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