Monday, May 17, 2010

Au Revoir, Facebook.

I went to Lincoln the other day and Tru came with to keep me company (and go to Scheels, of course). We were headed back to GI and had been silent for a few minutes. Out of the blue he says "I'm going to delete my facebook, you should do it with me." It didn't even take me a second before I laughed, shook my head, and said no way. But I sat there for a few miles thinking about why it seemed so crazy to delete my account...once I was finally honest with myself, I realized that it was because I was addicted.

Facebook can be used for great things like keeping in touch with friends. I, on the other hand, am guilty of misusing facebook. I find myself spending time looking at people's profiles and pictres (some whom I don't even really know) and coming to the conclusion that their life looks better than mine. Comparison. Jealousy. Those words taste like vinegar on my tongue. But it's truth- I get jealous. I find it ironic that while I'm spending time watching other people live their lives, I'm missing out on living mine.
If I would quit worrying about what someone else has, I would find so much more contentment in my own life.

Therefore, I deleted my facebook.
I'll have to re-open my account once school starts for the sake of UPC, but I think this will be a good summer cleanse. You know you have a problem when you get online to check your email, and your fingers automatically type in "" without even knowing it.
Oh, technology....


P.S. Currently purchasing the new Band of Horses album!!


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