Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Penny's First Birthday

This was the only decent shot I got of Penny on her first Birthday, but that's because we were having too much fun celebrating! (And this is exactly why we had Blue House Fotos take professional pictures of her :)

I was an emotional mama, as expected. I'm not sad at all that my baby is one, I just can't believe it happened so quickly. She was such a tiny little thing when she was born and now she's this little fireball walking around. It's super cheesy, but we really do fall more in love with her each day. 

Forgive the low quality in the majority of these pictures, but these are a few of my favorites that captured the day.
^^ I purchased Penny's smash cake from Whole Foods and the pregnant, tired woman in me wanted to purchase the regular cake from them, as well. But unfortunately our budget wouldn't allow such laziness so I tackled it myself. It's nothing to write home about, but it was tasty and I was pleased with the end result! Most importantly, Penny thoroughly enjoyed her cake. ^^

^^Honestly...she acted like she's been eating cake for years. Looks like she's going to have a sweet tooth like her mama!^^

We're so thankful for the friends and family who were able to celebrate with us (and for those who were with us is spirit). Penny is loved by some wonderful people!

A few things about Penny at 12 months...

-She is attached to her bamboo blanket. She will frantically walk around the house looking for it and then dive into it when she finds it. It always has to be around her shoulders, like a cape, or over her head. I have no idea why walking around with a blanket over her head is appealing, but it's her thing. This has also caused a few run-ins with the wall...funny, but sad. 

-The girl has her own language. She is SUCH a talker and she'll go on and on as if she knows exactly what she's saying. She's been saying "dada" for a while now, but she finally started saying "mama" this week. On the way to work this morning, we got her to say "hi dada!" over and over. It's so fun to hear her forming actual words.

-She's getting to the age where she knows when she's being disobedient. I will tell her "no" and she will continue to do it anyway. Though the cause for discipline has been scary, it has been good for me. I'm learning to be persistent and to stay calm when she throws a tantrum. She hates being in trouble and is really sensitive when I'm telling her no (it's kind of sweet to see a softer side of her, but then she'll go right back to doing what I just told her not to. Silly girl.) I must shake my head a lot, because Penny will walk up to things that are "no-no's" (like the stairs) shake her head like she's telling herself no and walk away. It cracks me up.

-She got a few babies for her birthday so we could start practicing the role of big sis. She walks up to her babies, squats down to give them kisses (slash bites their head), picks them up and then throws them across the room. I'm assuming the gentle thing will come with age :)

Looking forward to spending some quality time with my girl before we enter into survival mode :)


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